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Licensing Questions

Q1. - What do I receive when I license a music track from EZ Edit Music?

A1. – In order to provide you with maximum flexibility implementing music into your video or website, you will receive both .wav (44.1KHz stereo) and .mp3 (160 kbps stereo) files for each music track (song). If you license the ‘stereo-mix plus stems’ version, this includes a full stereo mix and at least four sub-mixes (subsets of the instruments that make up the full mix) or ‘stems’.  If you license the ‘no-stems’ (NS) or ‘stereo-mix-only’ version, you will receive one .wav file and one .mp3 file for each song licensed.

Q2. - Can somebody else use the same music in their project?

A1. – Provided they pay a license fee for the music track, yes.  In fact, that is kind of the idea behind being able to license high-quality music tracks for a low license fee such as we charge (as opposed to a higher exclusive licensing fee for only one user per music track / song).  And our license fees are actually far lower than other commercial music license fees.  We understand how this concept may be new to some, which is why we have the next question…

Q3. - Why do the EZ Edit Music tracks cost so much? I can buy an entire album for the same price as one of your music tracks.

A3. – While it is true that our music tracks cost the same as or more than an average album, the fee we charge actually corresponds to a different type of license than the ‘personal’ or ‘non-commercial’ license you get with your normal listening music library. And unlike most other commercial music libraries, which offer music tracks with a defined beginning and end, EZ Edit Music tracks/songs from our ‘Looping Libraries’ are specifically composed and pre-edited to loop or repeat seamlessly in your video or on your website; plus they work well behind visuals.   Furthermore, with the “stereo-mix-plus-stems” version of the song / music track, you also receive four ‘stems’ or sub-mixes that you can use to create your own new mixes or variations, using the instrument layers to add variety throughout your video or across your website.  Not only are you getting music that is equal to hiring a professional composer for online media, you are also not having to hire a music editor to create loops from existing music tracks, which would easily cost you more than you paid for the EZ Edit Music track license itself. We want to make it EASY for you or your website programmer to quickly add music to your video or website without requiring a costly audio editing process.

Q4. - When I license your music, may I use it for any purpose, not just my one video or website?

A4. – Unfortunately not. You should keep in mind that your payment does not mean that you now own the music.  You are purchasing a license; and the price we are charging reflects the licensing of our music for a specific use – i.e. in one online video or on one website. By contrast, if you were to hire a composer to create the same type of music track, you would likely be paying ten times the price of an EZ Edit Music track or more. And you may, of course, license more than one music track for the same video or URL/website.

Q5. - When I pay for a licensed music track from EZ Edit Music, is there an expiration date for the license or a limitation on its geographic usage?

A5. – No. When you license a music track from EZ Edit Music, you are allowed to use it for as long as your video or website remains active – even if you re-edit your video or redesign the website; and the license covers it to be used anywhere in the world.

Q6. - Can I use the same licensed music track in more than one video or on more than one website?

A6. – As long as you pay a licensing fee for each video or website where the the music plays, you may certainly use the same song on more than one online video or website.  While we are allowing you to download the music track, we would hope that you abide by your acceptance of our licensing agreement.

Q7. - May I use the tracks to create my own recordings, re-sell or license the music to another party or distribute the music on its own - either as a CD or other digital audio format?

A7. – Please bear in mind that our licensing fees are based upon internet background music usage, and because you are licensing the music for a specific usage, you are not permitted to use the music for any other purpose besides an online video or background music for a website. Should you want to use the music for another purpose, we would be happy to discuss other possible licensing arrangements with you.  Please email us at: ezlicensing [at] ezeditmusic [dot] com for more information.

Q8. - I really like your music; however, I am interested in licensing it for a different purpose - for example a television commercial.

A8. – Our licensing fee is based upon internet usage for online or personal videos and websites; however, we would be happy to discuss making a special licensing arrangement with you to meet your needs for music in whatever type of media you want, which might require a different licensing fee based upon the media and type of usage desired. Please contact us at: ezlicensing [at] ezeditmusic [dot] com and we will get back to you to discuss your licensing needs.

Creative And Technical Questions

Q9. - In what format(s) will I receive the music once I download it?

A9. – For maximum flexibility, we will provide you with:

– one stereo full-mix – .wav (44.1 KHz stereo) and.mp3 (160 Kbps stereo) audio formats.
– (‘stereo-mix plus stems version’ only) four stereo stems or sub-mixes derived from the stereo full-mix (.wav and .mp3 and formats).
– (‘stereo-mix plus stems version’ only) for some songs, an additional “no lead” stereo mix (.wav and .mp3 and formats).

Q10. - What is a 'stem'?

A10. – The term, “stem” refers to a sub-mix element of a full mix. In otherwords, if a full mix is made up of drums, bass, guitar, piano and synth, a ‘stem’ might be just the drums. Another stem could be piano and synth mixed together. All of the four stems you will receive can be played back in sync with each other to re-create the full mix.

Q11. - Some of the 'stems' are too soft in volume, even when I increase the playback level; and I want to make them louder. How do I do this?

A11. – The first thing to mention is that in order to make it ‘EZ’ (easy) for you or your web-designer, editor, etc. to re-mix the music track without having to adjust the volume settings for each stem (in order to re-create the ‘full-mix’ version), we have built the stems at their actual recorded volume in the full-mix, some of which may have been musically balanced at low volume levels. Therefore, should you desire to increase the volume level for a particular stem, you can either (a) lower the relative volume levels for the other stems or (b) re-edit the stem by opening it in an audio editing application, adjusting the gain or ‘normalize’ the audio, then re-export to the file format of your choice. If you would like our assistance in editing the stems, please feel free to contact us.

Q12. - What is the length of each song/music track, why aren't they longer in duration?

A12. – We have found that for background music on websites, and in order to avoid playback delays, using our ‘Looping Libraries’, it is best to keep the songs/music tracks under one minute in length. Therefore, our music tracks range from about 40 seconds to one minute on average. For our ‘Non-Looping Libraries’, the durations vary, averaging one to two minutes in length.  Please also keep in mind that using multi-track combinations of the included ‘stems’ (sub-mixes) from our Looping Libraries and some creative manipulation of those stems, you can create a music track that varies in mood and texture over time, thus creating a track that will not sound the same when played for longer than one minute. Also, remember that if you simply need a longer version of the music track, with our Looping Libraries you can assemble a new version by editing copies of the same track end-to-end using an audio editing application.  See the How To page for more tips on getting the most from our music tracks.

Q13. - Are there versions of the songs included without the 'melody'?

A13. – Yes. Some songs include an extra version without the melody (indicated as “no_lead”). We did not include this extra version for all of the songs, as most songs were produced without a prominent melody to better suit a musical scoring approach to complement visuals; so the decision as to whether to include this extra version was made based on the musical content of each song. Keep in mind that with the regular version of the song (not the “NS” version), you will also receive four stems that can be re-mixed as desired to achieve many variations in mood and texture; so that you can not only eliminate the melody, but also other instruments (such as the drums and percussion, for example) if you like.

Q14. - I am hearing a slight gap in the music when a song loops back to the beginning. Is there something wrong with the music track?

A14. – No. All of our music tracks have been tested to loop seamlessly from the end back to the beginning, using ‘digital zero’ cross-points. However, when streaming an .mp3 music track over the internet, there can occur a software ‘.mp3 decoder delay’ that can interfere with the seamless looping of a music track as a result of the processing time needed to decode an .mp3 file. This is related to the hardware and software playing the music track and not something within the file itself.  Depending on how knowledgeable your website programmer is, he or she may have techniques for compensating for audio gaps by making appropriate audio looping settings in the programming of your website audio playback.  Keep in mind that if you simply need a longer version of the music track, with our “looping libraries” you can assemble a new version by editing copies of the same track end-to-end using an audio editing application.  See the How To page for more tips on getting the most from our music tracks.

Q15. - Do you offer longer versions, different stem mixes or custom composing services for your music?

A15. – Absolutely. Please email us at: ezinfo [at] ezeditmusic [dot] com and we will be happy to discuss how we can better help you with your project.

Questions About Your Order

Q16. - Once I place an order, how will my music tracks be delivered?

A16. – All music tracks are delivered in two audio formats: .wav and .mp3, which are playable on Mac and PC platforms, as well as many mobile platforms.  The files are delivered as a single .zip file (per song/track) which will be available as a download as soon as we receive payment. You should be able to retrieve the download(s) via your EZ Edit Music account and via an email link sent to you after payment.

Q17. - How long will the download(s) be available in my account?

A17. – There is no expiration for access to your downloads; however, we do limit the number of times you may download your files to (3) for security reasons. If for some reason you can no longer access your download(s) and still need to retrieve them, please contact us for further assistance.

Q18. - I was charged for my music track download(s) but have not received a download link for the files.

A18. – It may be possible that our system was unable to process your purchase or there is some other technical issue preventing you from accessing your download(s).  As long as you have actually paid for the music track(s) and we have received that payment, we will get you your download(s) – if not through our system, we can send them via email or a cloud-download account, such as Dropbox. Please contact us for further assistance.

Q19. - After listening to my downloaded song, I am hearing some strange audio artifacts or noise.

A19. – While every song has been checked to play with no audio issues, it is possible that a download file may have become corrupted, affecting the audio quality. Please contact us and we will promptly send you a new, functional version of your download.

Q20. - I received the wrong song download as compared to what I ordered from my shopping cart.

A20. – Please contact us and we will review your order; and if we find an error, we will promptly send you the proper song-download.

Q21. - What is your Return Policy?

A21. – Because we are providing you with a direct software download link upon payment, and because the terms of our licensing agreement state that your payment is non-refundable, after agreeing to the licensing terms and processing your payment, all purchases will be non-returnable and non-refundable.  Practically speaking, there is no way for us to determine that you have deleted a download from your computer, and thus we cannot verify that you have done so, making returns impractical. In addition, once a music track has been purchased/licensed from us, it will remain in your account for future access.  We reserve the right to limit the time-period for access to previously purchased music tracks, but you will always have a reasonable period of time to access your licensed music tracks for download.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please CONTACT US for more help.

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