EZ Edit Music was created out of a need to fill a niche in the commercial composing industry - as some web-design companies, advertising agencies and video producers do not have larger budgets for a custom-composed soundtrack as you would find in a film, television series, or corporate website.  Many companies and web designers have found a lack of ready-made library music tracks available to suit the specific needs of online advertising, online video production and web-design.

While there are many production music libraries available, quite often a sound editor must be hired to edit these library music tracks to conform to the needs of online media.  Our music tracks do not require any editing, looping, sample-rate conversion or file-format conversion.  They are, in fact, composed and produced to be easy (EZ) to edit, saving you the time and expense of hiring a sound editor, and enabling you to quickly get your music into your website or video when deadlines are an issue.

All of our music tracks are produced to the highest creative and audio quality standards - the same as you would find by hiring a professional composer for film or television soundtracks.  Each song is a composed piece of music rather than a short, looping musical phrase, as our service is primarily targeted to commercial advertising agencies, web-designers and video proiducers who demand high production standards and easy-to-implement music.

EZ Edit Music tracks are designed to simplify the process of implementing background music in your website or video by providing:

  • immediate licensing and download.
  • music composed specifically for background soundtracks and online advertising.
  • seamless, looping music tracks that are long enough to not sound repetitive, but short enough to load and stream quickly, to accommodate slower as well as faster bandwidth speeds.
  • multiple `stems` included to allow for remixing and playback of varying orchestrations.
  • (new) non-looping music tracks for projects that require a specific beginning and end to the song.
  • pre-converted audio formats to save time processing music tracks for online streaming.

In short, we`ve done all the work for you - all you need to do is pay a reasonable minimal licensing fee; then simply download the music tracks and implement them into your website or video!

With over 25 years of experience composing music for film, television, advertising, video games and online interactive media, we have the ability to create high-quality music tracks that are specifically composed to suit the growing need for quality background music for websites and videos.

Our music has been an integral part of several award-winning websites, earning awards from: "Favourite Website Awards®", "London International Awards®", "Web Marketing Association®", and "South By Southwest® (SXSW®)".