Welcome to EZ Edit Music!

  • Need original background music for your website, video or online ad campaign?  No budget? No audio editor? No time? No problem.

    If you are looking to add professionally composed background music to your HTML, WordPress or Flash website, or online video, we are here to help you implement music into your project quickly and easily with no audio editing experience required. Our licensed music tracks are available in mp3 and Flash formats in looped and non-looped versions.  Whether you create websites or online videos, we have the right music track for your needs.

  • Our composers have earned numerous awards for commercial websites (FWA, WebAwards, SXSW, London International Awards); and the same composing and production quality that you would expect from a professionally-composed piece of music goes into every EZ Edit music track at a fraction of the cost of hiring a composer to do the same work. We offer many styles of music specifically composed to suit any type of product or service you are advertising or selling on your website.

  • Our unique Music Search; feature can assist you in choosing the best music tracks for your website by allowing you to enter various keywords or search parameters, which can be anything from style, mood and tempo of music - to the type of product service or industry advertised on your website. You can also preview any of our music tracks online before you decide to license our music; and once you create an Account, you can license and immediately download as many tracks as you like. Please have a look around to learn more about what we have to offer.