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Check out a few examples:

"The Ride Home"

"Barefoot In The City"

"Finish My Thought"


EZ Edit Music was created out of a need to fill a niche in the commercial composing industry – as web-design and video production companies sometimes cannot afford the budget for a custom-composed soundtrack, but are also discouraged by the lack of ready-made library music tracks available to suit the specific needs of online, corporate and event videos, and web-design. While there are many production music libraries available, quite often a sound editor must be hired to edit these library music tracks to conform to the needs of videos and online media.

EZ Edit Music tracks are designed to simplify the process of implementing background music in your online video or website by providing:
* immediate licensing and download.
* music composed specifically to work well with videos and website soundtracks.
* seamless, looping music tracks designed to load and stream quickly.
* multiple ‘stems’ included to allow for remixing and playback of varying duration and instrumentation.

In short, we’ve done most of the editing work for you – all you need to do is download the music tracks and implement them into your video or website.

With over 25 years of experience composing music for film, television, advertising, video games and online interactive media, we have the ability to create high-quality music tracks that are specifically composed to suit the growing need for quality background music for videos and websites.

Our music has been part of several award-winning websites, earning awards from: “Favourite Website Awards®”, “London International Awards®”, “Web Marketing Association®”, and “South By Southwest® (SXSW®)”.

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